Medical Weight Loss & Metabolism Center

Physician Guided and Innovative


We are a comprehensive and innovative weight loss program that is coordinated by  Board Certified Endocrinologist, Dr. Craig Perlman, along with his brother, Dr. Daryl Perlman.  Dr. Daryl is one of only a few Diplomates of the American Board of Obesity Medicine practicing on Long Island.  We utilize the most cutting edge and scientific nutritional approaches, as well as a very unique medication regimen when clinically indicated.  Most major insurances are accepted.  Additionally, the FDA approved and painless laser, iLipo and Lipo-Light Pro are offered for targeted fat reduction.  


Contour Light

Introducing the latest advancement in low level light technology for non-invasive fat loss!  

The first on Long Island!

Please call our office for more information and pricing (516)470-1669.

New Service

We are now offering Acupuncture treatment for weight loss and other ailments by our licensed and experienced acupuncturist.  We take most insurance as well as other forms of payments (checks, cash, visa, mastercard, and care credit).  Please call the office for more information (516)470-1669.


We now prescribe saxenda, an FDA approved injection for weight loss which also has other health benefits.  This medication is covered by many insurance plans.  Call for appointment to further inquire.

New shirataki flavor

Medical Weight Loss and Body Shaping is proud to announce that we now carry a new glucomannan noodle flavor from Quest -------> "Spinach Fettuccine".  It contains all the healthy and good stuff the spaghetti flavor carries.  It's available online and office pick up.

Also, we are running a special promo for iLipo treatments up until May 31st.--------$125 per session!  Hurry and take advantage of this sweet deal before it expires!  You can buy 4, 6 or 8 sessions for guaranteed maximum results.  Call us to set up a free consultation (516) 470-1669.

Shirataki Pasta

"Eat more and weigh less" is the phrase used on a recent Dr. Oz episode, and he was referring to shirataki pasta.  According to pretty impressive research, the consumption of these healthy noodles, when timed appropriately, will result in impressive weight loss and body composition changes. Glucommanan fiber, the primary ingredient in these delicious noodles, is a soluble fiber that has been proven to delay the digestive process of high calorie and less healthy foods.  Additionally, you will experience a sense of fullness and satisfaction.

What are the other advantages of eating these so called "miracle noodles"?

     -Four cups of Shirataki pasta is equal to one cup of regular pasta, so that amounts to a mere 10 calories per serving, hence the "eat less, weigh more" mantra.

     -Losing weight with miracle pasta provides a significant amount of soluble fiber that does not result in any digestive discomfort.

    -If you are a diabetic or prediabetic, the delayed absorption will help normalize blood glucose by delaying absorption.

    -They are heart healthy

    -The delayed absorption will actually foster the body's ability to reach a fat burning zone.

We currently carry the most delicious shirataki (glucomannan) noodles on the planet and they have been made available to our practice through Quest Nutrition at special rate for our customers and patients.  You can order it through our website or pick it up in our office.