Medical Weight Loss & Metabolism Center

Physician Guided and Innovative


We are a comprehensive and innovative weight loss program that is coordinated by  Board Certified Endocrinologist, Dr. Craig Perlman, along with his brother, Dr. Daryl Perlman.  Dr. Daryl is one of only a few Diplomates of the American Board of Obesity Medicine practicing on Long Island.  We utilize the most cutting edge and scientific nutritional approaches, as well as a very unique medication regimen when clinically indicated.  Most major insurances are accepted.  Additionally, the FDA approved and painless laser, iLipo and Lipo-Light Pro are offered for targeted fat reduction.  


Whether it be the latest fad diets or "hottest" new supplements out there, it is just way too confusing to sort out the nonsense from what actually has some validity.  As Diplomates of the American Board of Endocrinology and American Board of Obesity Medicine, we have made it our passion to scientifically scrutinize the research and provide our patients with an individualized program that works.

The research studies that are released on what seems to be a daily basis can be overwhelming.  Importantly, they are conducted in order to make population based recommendations, not recommendations for you, the individual patient.  In essence, despite the dizzying array of studies, what works wonders for others, might not work for you at all.

Our practice offers multiple nutritional approaches.  Our expert registered dietitian, Diana Cusa, has many years of experience in the field and is well known for her compassion and knowledge.

We also formulate exercise recommendations for each patient, once again based on you, the individual.  FDA approved weight loss medication, perhaps in conjunction with legitimately researched nutraceuticals, may be considered and prescribed to achieve safe and effective weight loss.